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Hey, recently i've had a lot on my mind and i didnt really want to deal with it so, i started this blog. sort of like a thought and emotion storage space. theres not much to me except im very ordinary
Gender Female
Age 17
Location Sydney, NSW
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Status Single
Interests coffee, friends, music, my gorgeous dogs
Music lykke li, lisa mitchell, death cab for cutie, the shins, mndr, kasabian, angus and julia stone, bloc party, bon iver, coconut records, crystal castles, coldplay, hot chip, laura marling, jonathon boulet, metric, the postal service, tegna and sara, vampire weekend
Movies inception, garden state, oh too many
TV how i met your mother, flight of the concords, mighty boosh, skins earlier series
Books will be here all fucking day


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